Wisdom from the Past: An interview with Yaw Manje, Ahenkro, 2018

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An interview with Yaw Manje of Banda-Ahenkro who is family head of Hakolo Katoo. Yaw Manje shares information on his immediate family history--he was born in Menji and lived as a child in Boase where his father was a laborer who worked on road-building crews. He describes how the town of Banda-Ahenkro burned on three occasions, two in his lifetime. His grandmother died in the last of the fires in 1972. He talks about village cooperation in reroofing houses after the fires. He also talks about traveling as a young man to Abijan, Côte d'Ivoire. Once returned and living in Ahenkro, Yaw Manje took up tobacco farming and he reflects on the effects of growing cash crops like tobacco and cotton on the land and implications for the community. In conversation he touches on communal farming efforts during Ghana's First Republic and relationships between youth and elders. Short sections toward the end of the video are sound recordings only. Ahenkro, 13 August, 2018. Length: 01:18:22.

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  • Dr. Ann B. Stahl
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