Women of Sulɔɔ Katoo: Food Ways and Marriage, Sabiye, 2018

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A group of women related through marriage to Sulɔɔ Katoo were photographed cooking together in August 1986. In 2018, they met with members of the Banda Heritage Initiative to talk about the 1986 photos and to reflect on changes in food ways and marriage over the intervening decades. They describe practices of preparing foods (fufu, T.Z. and soups), an increasing reliance on maize and cassava over yams as staple foods, what they see as a trend toward less unity in families, and changing marriage practices. Sabiye, 13 November, 2018. Length: 00:48:15 minutes.

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  • 8.067457, -2.352546
  • Dr. Ann B. Stahl
  • Digital video
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  • Film produced using Adobe Premiere Pro 2021
  • 2018

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